Laser measurement of CCM mould tube


Copper mould tube is a foundamental part of steel casting process. It’s internal geometry is a key factor for a good product quality and plant productivity. Sideralpha Sistemi provides instruments for mould tube geometry check-up. In this article we show the benefits of mould tube laser scanning

We will be present at METEC 2023

Post for the largest event in Europe dedicated to the world of steelmaking, Metec 2023 in June.

We are pleased to inform you that we will be present at METEC Dusseldorf 12-16 June 2023.We will be happy to meet you and show our measurmement and checking systems for Continuous Casting Machines. Go to the official website of Metec 2023 Discover our complete product catalogue


AUTOMATIC system FOR Slab’s CCMsegment assembly in Maintenance Yard EMTM33 SEGMENT ROLLS ALIGNMENT TOOL INTRODUTION EMTM33 is an automatic and high precision segment alignment tool. It’s designed for use in maintenance yard providing automatic assistance for segment assembly and check-up. The instrument provides an automatic detection of rolls position in the segment including the required […]

EMTM46 is now available!

Detail of the EMTM46 software

The brand new Sideralpha EMTM46 Taper Checker is now available!EMTM46 is an high resolution mould’s norrow faces taper checker, ideal for slab mould setup operations.With the last generation MEM Sensor, the resolution is up to 0.004 degrees and measure accuracy is 0.01 degrees.This hand-held equipment is lightweight and very easy to use. Many improvements have been […]

Commissioning of MCS station to DANIELI & C.

MCS Mould Checker Station - Mould located inside Danieli's laboratory

The commissioning of MCS station to DANIELI & C. spa has been successfully completed. The provided system is a fully automatic mould measurement station. The station can measure internal geometry of round, square and octagonal moulds with sizes up to 500mm.


foot rolls alignment according to mould position and bending radius FRC foot rolls alignment tool INTRODUCTION FRC is a foot roll alignment tool. It can be used to check the alignment of foot rolls with respect to the mould taper position, tangent point and bending radius. It’s equipped by a rugged tablet PC where the […]

SCSB Water Spray Checker Test for SMS Concast

SCSB and Tablet with software details software with dark background

The SCSB Water Spray Checker has been tested in RIVA plant of Caronno Pertusella (VA). This site has been selected by SMS Concast for a preliminary test of the Sideralpha Sistemi water spray checker system.


Efficiency detection of CCM secondary cooling system (WATER SPRAY) SCSB SPRAY CHECKER SYSTEM FOR CCM STRAND INTRODUCTION SCSB is a driving measuring instrument composed by digital electronic sensors to detect the presence and intensity of secondary cooling water jets in the Billet/Bloom continuous casting machines. It’s composed by cell bars, a set of pressure membrane […]


Detecting internal geometry of Billet, Bloom and Round Moulds MCS MOULD CHECKER STATION INTRODUCTION MCS is a fixed installed and fully automatic station for mould internal geometry scansion (using laser technology). It can be used in CCM Workshop for mould inspection (used mould check or new mould acceptance) or by copper mould producers for product […]


Detecting internal geometry of Billet, Bloom, OCTAGONAL and Round Moulds EMTM69 LASER MOULD’s METER purpose The Productivity evolution in Continuous Casting Plant (casting speed ) is directly connected to the Mould’s shape and the primary steel solidification process. The dimensional and geometrical control of the mould assume a basic importance. The frequency of the surveys and […]