Detecting of mould profile, roll gap, roll alignment, roll rotation and water spray efficiency RGCBL STRAND MONITORING FOR BILLET/BLOOM CCM INTRODUCTION RGCBL is a CCM strand monitor system. It’s installed on dummy bar head and can be configured to measure mould profile, roll gap, roll alignment, roll rotation and efficiency of water spray along the […]


Detecting SEGMENT ROLL GAP MRGC ROLL GAP CHECKER purpose MRGC is an hand held electronic meter designed to measure the gap between a pair of rolls in continuous casting segment. It’s a battery powered equipment with an LCD display for indication of actual gap measure, minimum gap value and gap difference vs reference. The instrument […]


Helper tool for CCM rolls setup EMTM48 FOOT ROLLS ALIGNMENT measurer INTRODUCTION EMTM48 instrument is designed to measure the foot rolls alignment. It measures the angle between the followings rolls surfaces and the gravity axis. The measure is expressed in degrees , and it is indicated on a digital display, located on the upper side […]


Detecting INCLINATION of mould narrow faces in slab ccm EMTM46 MOULD taper CHECKER INTRODUTION EMTM46 is an hand held tool for shape and inclination detection of mould plates in slab or blooms CCM.  It is a lightweight and easy to use instrument equipped with an high accuracy inclinometer. The mould narrow faces inclination is provided […]


RGCBL is a CCM strand monitor system

Detecting ROLL GAP, ROLL ALIGNMENT, ROLL ROTATION AND WATER SPRAY EFFICIENCY RDLS LIGHTWEIGHT AND MODULARROLL & WATER SPRAY MONITORINGFOR SLAB CCM DESCRIPTION RDLS is an innovative modular system for CCM strand monitoring. Its lightweight modules are installed on dummy bar for data acquisition during DB movement operations. The modular system’s versatility allows that up to […]


our services Our expert team is always available for any specific need. From analysis and measurement services on Continuous Casting Plants to the design and development of fully custom equipments. learn more YOUR NEEDS OUR SOLUTIONS STEEL INDUSTRY SERVICES ON-SITE measurement measurementSERVICE Learn more custom SOLUTIONS custom equipment design Learn more SMART FACTORY industry 4.0 […]

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Detecting internal geometry of Billet, Bloom and Round Moulds EMTM67 LASER MOULD’s METER purpose The Productivity evolution in Continuous Casting Plant (casting speed ) is directly connected to the Mould’s shape and the primary steel solidification process. The dimensional and geometrical control of the mould assume a basic importance. The frequency of the surveys and the […]


SOLUTIONS FOR BILLET, BLOOM AND BEAM BLANK CCM​ long products Sideralpha Sistemi provides a set of equipments for the control of variuos critical aspects of Billet / Bloom / Beam Blank continous casting machines. Our instruments can be used for mould shape inspection, segment’s rolls checking, foot rolls alignment and secondary cooling system’s water spray […]

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SIDERALPHA SISTEMI Sideralpha Sistemi is a partnership between two leading companies who have been collaborating in the steel industry for years about OUR partnership tOGETHER for ENHANCED STEEL INDUSTRY MISSION & VISION The constant technology evolution in the steel industry needs advanced control and monitoring systems to increase productivity and product quality. From this earnest […]