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The EMTM69 product with the rugged tablet next to it with which it is possible to view the data and measure.

Detecting internal geometry of Billet, Bloom, OCTAGONAL and Round Moulds



The EMTM69 product seen from above


The Productivity evolution in Continuous Casting Plant (casting speed ) is directly connected to the Mould’s shape and the primary steel solidification process. The dimensional and geometrical control of the mould assume a basic importance. The frequency of the surveys and the know ledge of the Mould status is warranty for the Product Quality. From such consideration it is born the need to have tools able to get such information in fast and easy  way.

The EMTM69 is an instrument designed to satisfy the operators needs to perform the Mould measurement in way easily, fast, accurate and everywhere. The most important feature, beyond the accuracy and a rich Sw, is the lightness and his manageability. The whole system is contained in a transportable trolley (<30Kg).

By the Laser sensor a 360° scanning is possible at different settable steps. The data elaboration allows to get Longitudinal Graphics , Slices and 3D representation.

It can be used indifferently in Workshop or on Casting floor by one operator without crane or lifting means. It can operate in Horizontal or Vertical position. After the preliminary setting operation the instrument performs the measurements in automatic way without the operator assistance.

Watch our EMTM69 demo:

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