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SCSB Water Spray Checker Test for SMS Concast

SCSB and Tablet with software details software with dark background

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The SCSB Water Spray Checker has been tested in RIVA plant of Caronno Pertusella (VA). This site has been selected by SMS Concast for a preliminary test of the Sideralpha Sistemi water spray checker system.


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Laser measurement of CCM mould tube

Copper mould tube is a foundamental part of steel casting process. It’s internal geometry is a key factor for a good product quality and plant productivity. Sideralpha Sistemi provides instruments for mould tube geometry check-up. In this article we show the benefits of mould tube laser scanning

Detail of the EMTM46 software

EMTM46 is now available!

The brand new Sideralpha EMTM46 Taper Checker is now available!EMTM46 is an high resolution mould’s norrow faces taper checker, ideal for slab mould setup operations.With

Sideralpha Sistemi

Starting from 2022, after officialization of our partnership, Sideralpha Sistemi starts its joined operations with a complete instruments catalogue for Copper Mould dimensional inspection, Roll