Commissioning of MCS station to DANIELI & C.

MCS Mould Checker Station - Mould located inside Danieli's laboratory

The commissioning of MCS station to DANIELI & C. spa has been successfully completed. The provided system is a fully automatic mould measurement station. The station can measure internal geometry of round, square and octagonal moulds with sizes up to 500mm.

SCSB Water Spray Checker Test for SMS Concast

SCSB and Tablet with software details software with dark background

The SCSB Water Spray Checker has been tested in RIVA plant of Caronno Pertusella (VA). This site has been selected by SMS Concast for a preliminary test of the Sideralpha Sistemi water spray checker system.

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SIDERALPHA SISTEMI Sideralpha Sistemi is a partnership between two leading companies who have been collaborating in the steel industry for years about OUR partnership tOGETHER for ENHANCED STEEL INDUSTRY MISSION & VISION The constant technology evolution in the steel industry needs advanced control and monitoring systems to increase productivity and product quality. From this earnest […]

Sideralpha Sistemi

Starting from 2022, after officialization of our partnership, Sideralpha Sistemi starts its joined operations with a complete instruments catalogue for Copper Mould dimensional inspection, Roll gaps, Roll alignments and Water Spray analysis. Stay tuned!